Past Event

    March 22, 2018
    Music of Heroes – Silveridge RV Resort ̵...

    Music of Heroes - Volunteers Party This show is a fast-paced, entertaining, 60-minute exploration of the variety of heroes around us and the music that composers and songwriters have created to tell their stor (More...)

    5:00pm – 8:00pm
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    March 31, 2018
    Super Sixties Show – Sun City Oro Valley

    If you can remember the 60s (and even if you can’t) you will love Super Sixties. Of the hundreds of memorable 60s songs, we perform fifty of the very best to capture the energy, the emotion and the excitement of the decade. The Sixties may be 50-yea (More...)

    7:00pm – 9:00pm
    Sun City Oro Valley Booking URL
    December 11, 2018
    Christmas Show – North Edmonton Seniors Asso...

    SixFeetUp Christmas music is wonderful…. but every store and mall is playing traditional favorites before you’ve finished your Halloween candy. On the assumption you do not want more of the same music, SixFeetUp delivers a fresh look at some familiar (More...)