What We Do


SixFeetUp uses music, stories and humor to revisit events, personalities and the culture of the day

1950s – The 1950′s Rediscovered Show
A musical journey through a decade of music that never grows old.

1960s – Super Sixties
Of the hundreds of memorable 60s songs, we perform fifty of the very best to capture the energy, the emotion and the excitement of the decade. The Sixties may be 50-years ago but our music and stories will make it seem like yesterday.

Christmas – A SixFeetUp Christmas
SixFeetUp delivers a fresh look at some familiar songs by showcasing unique arrangements and sharing interesting stories about the composers, writers and performers.

Memories – Top Of The Charts Show
Top of the Charts is a two-hour journey down memory lane and a tribute to the power of popular music.

Patriotic – Music of Heroes
A unique musical, military tribute which combines elements of a traditional salute with the style of a USO show concert.

Variety Show – Ballad of Jack and Delilah
We mix together some great music, a love story, parodies of popular songs, play a TV game show and much more.




SixFeetUp has a variety of dance music to get every baby boomer off their seat and on their feet. Our repertoire of over 400 songs covers everything from early 50s rock and roll,  the best of 60s AM radio, Motown, line dances, some 70s and 80s pop hits and even a little bit of country.

With our experience in big bands, SixFeetUp  can also transform into a dance orchestra to give your ball room dancers every style of music they desire. One band,  SixFeetUp, making every dance a party.

Combination Show & Dance

SixFeetUp performs a Combo one-hour adaptation of one of our shows followed by a dance. The show component gets the fun started with some great music, stories and humor. For those who are itching to dance, the second hour is perfect. The Combo works great for dancers and non-dancers alike.