Combination Show and Dance

This event consists of a one-hour show followed by a one-hour dance. A two or three set dance is not to everyone’s liking, so we developed this combination to attract everyone. The show component gets the fun started with some great music, stories and humor. For those who are itching to dance, the second hour is perfect. The Combo works great for dancers and non-dancers alike.

Client Comments

“I think this is the best music we’ve had in this park since I’ve been coming here!! ” These thoughts were expressed by more than one of our park residents after SixFeetUp did their show. A terrific combination of fast paced vocals and instrumentals interspersed with good humour marked this two hour show and dance. The floor was packed with both Canadians and Americans for the dance portion. We will definitely book them again!!!
Bob Sheffield – Indio Springs RV Resort Indio CA
Activity Director

SixFeetUp performed a combination one-hour show on the music of the 1950s and a one-hour dance.  Our residents were into the show from the beginning, singing and clapping along with the band. The high-energy show was the perfect warm-up for the dance which featured music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. SixFeetUp can play almost any style of music, our residents loved the variety in the dance portion where rock, pop, country, line dances and even polkas got everyone up on the floor.

Many residents said SixFeetUp was the best act we’ve had here this season. We look forward to having them back with us in the future.

Peggy AmendolaRancho Casa Blanca Indio CA
Activity Director