A SixFeetUp Christmas

SixFeetUp Christmas music is wonderful…. but every store and mall is playing traditional favorites before you’ve finished your Halloween candy. On the assumption you do not want more of the same music, SixFeetUp delivers a fresh look at some familiar songs by showcasing unique arrangements and sharing interesting stories about the composers, writers and performers.

We uncover for you the background behind the origin of each song. Which winter classics were written in a heat wave? How many Christmas favorites are really about Thanksgiving? What do the Grinch and Frosted Flakes have in common? Is White Christmas really about Arizona? Answers to these and other vital questions are part of the fun of A SixFeetUp Christmas where you can also join the band in the singing of some classic but not so traditional Christmas songs.

A SixFeetUp Christmas is a 90-minute tribute to our favorite season where traditional, classical, jazz, rock and roll and blues holiday music hit the stage – even Elvis shows up to welcome the man in red. A SixFeetUp Christmas, all that is good about the holiday season – without the snow.

Client Comments

Your Christmas concert here at Paradise RV Resort was just marvelous! The show was interesting, funny and even educational. I loved all the background facts about the various songs, and your jazzy versions of some of the old classics gave them a fresh twist from what I’m used to hearing. Start to finish, your show was well-done, humorous and fun, fun, fun!
Gayle Casto – Director of Activities
Paradise RV Resort Sun City AZ