Heroes and Heartthrobs

Heroes and Heartthrobs

Our latest show is a fast-paced, entertaining, 90-minute exploration of the variety of heroes around us and the music that composers and songwriters have created to tell their stories.

Heroes may occasionally save the world but most do little things that help others lead successful, productive lives. Great music has been written about heroes – in all styles from marches to Motown and orchestral to rock. We look at Superheroes, heroes in TV, movies and sports, everyday heroes and of course heroes in uniform.

Our military heroes have a rich musical history that extends back 150 years and are featured in the second half of our show. Some of the show is serious, some of it is just for fun, and we know you will enjoy it.  Are you a hero? Come to the show, you might be surprised to hear music that is all about you.

Join SixFeetUp as we celebrate the real and the fictional heroes in our lives with some of the best music anywhere.

Client Comments

“SixFeetUp performed for the Friends of Wickenburg to a very appreciative audience.  The group presented a program of songs representing a variety of types of heroes, both real and fictional.

The performers are professional and personable are accomplished musicians. They provide a good balance of instruments plus nicely blended vocals, with informative and entertaining narrations.  The Friends of Wickenburg Music committee is pleased to recommend them.”

Carol Arnett – President – Wickenburg, AZ.