SixFeetUp Christmas music is wonderful…. but every store and mall is playing traditional favorites before you’ve finished your Halloween candy. On the assumption you do not want more of the same music, SixFeetUp delivers a fresh look at some familiar songs by showcasing unique arrangements and sharing interesting stories about the composers, writers and performers. […]

SixFeetUp will be performing a  concert with music from the 1920s – 1940s. Concert 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Dress up in your best 60s attire. Beads, Mini Skirts, Go – Go Boots and Paisley’s.  Celebrate the music of the 1960s with SixFeetUp.  We will help you re-experience the British Invasion, when the Beatles, Petula Clark and their friends ruled the charts; we’ll get you dancing with USA chart toppers from Memphis, California, Detroit and New […]

1950s Rediscovered show is a musical journey through a decade of music that never grows old. The 1950s are credited with starting rock ‘n roll but there was so much more going on. In fact, much of the pop culture of the last 60 years can be traced back to its roots in the 50s. […]

Every year the city parks and recreation centres are opened to the public for Free!  SixFeetUp will be performing at the Free Day at the Zoo this year.  Come early this is always a very popular event. Music — 11 am, Noon, 1 pm, 2, pm, 3 pm,  4 pm